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Hotspots advertising system

Hotspots advertising system by
We have something that can revolutionise your hotspot income, we have a tried and tested advertising system that's up and working on our own hotspots, we're now offering this to other hotspots operators. The system works as transparent proxy and uses frameset, it’s easy to use with almost any router. We have a complete management system that will allow you …… more

Selling hotspot advertising

How to sell advertising on your hotspots

I’m not a salesmanhow do I get businesses to pay for advertising on my hotspot(s)?
Simple, with your hotspots and our system it’s as easy as pie, because the cost to you is so low it’s easy for you to give trial adverts free of charge and all businessmen love a free trial…….

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Business advertising with

Why should businesses advertise with you?

With each passing month huge sales of mobile phones with WiFi access add ever more WiFi users to our audience.  WiFi users are a huge and growing market and users increasingly expect to be able to use their WiFi devices wherever they go, even when they’re on holiday…… more…

Pay per impression advertising

Pay per impression advertising.
Unlike advertising on the internet, radio, TV, newspapers or other media forms, Wifi-ads delivers location based advertising through WiFi hotspots.  Your advert is displayed to a local, captive audience rather than thousands of non-relevant users from the other side of the world.  Every Wifi-ads viewer is a potential buyer……read more

Potential hotspot advertisers

Who would want to advertise to my clients on my hotspots?
You must know your hotspots and users better than anyone but they can be defined in one of three groups:- 1) regulars living or working in the immediate area 2) visitors to the area or 3) a mixture of both.
 Visitors to an area are notoriously hard to advertise to and …… more…

Reach high value clients

High value and hard to reach clients
Advertising with Wifi-ads is the most cost effective way to reach high value, ”must have the latest gadgets” and business clients in a specific destination.  Wifi-ads can provide a number of advertising options to suit all budgets, and you’ll be surprised how little such high powered advertising can cost…… more…

Hotspots advertising system by

Wifi-ads provides an exciting opportunity for hotspot operators to generate considerable extra income from their operation, no matter what type of installation they operate. Our wifi advertising system is fully customizable by the hotspot operator to place a selection of ads on the top and bottom of the screen or any combination of the two. The hotspot operator has the capability operate on two tiers from the same hotspot i.e. the advertising can be turned off for premium clients and displayed with others, an opportunity to charge more for no advertising or the client pays less and accepts advertising.

For operators of free wifi hotspots, the Wifi-ads system gives a means of generating unobtrusive advertising revenue to enable a fund to be built up in preparation for when the system hardware needs replacing/updating. Many municipalities/organisations have installed free wifi networks at considerable expense when times were good but in these recessionary times building a contingency/replacement fund is essential.

Advertising with wifi-ads take the form of banner ads, with or without links, pay per display and pay per impression. Wifi-ads has a complete, sophisticated control panel that gives the hotspot operator the power to view and analyse important network data such as traffic, paid transactions, ad impressions and more. This essential information allows advertising clients to ascertain the value of wifi advertising.

Contact us for more information and a demonstration and possible trial of the wifi advertising system in operation.

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